So, you want to work with us? Of course you do! Not only are we revolutionizing what it means to work in the steel industry, we're also having a blast doing it.

We're hiring at all levels—from entry to executive—in the following areas. Check back often as we continue to grow and update our opportunities:

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  • Sales

    You shouldn’t want to join our sales team just to sling steel—in addition to being incentivized by cash, you should have a competitive attitude, top-notch customer service skills and the desire to foster long-term solutions, not just short-term gains. In our book (get it?), the best customers are informed ones.

  • Purchasing

    Negotiator, relationship builder, strategic buyer. In purchasing, you need to be all three and then some. We pride ourselves on our relationships with suppliers and it’s your job to keep those partnerships afloat. Most importantly, you’re responsible for bringing steel in the door, so be prepared to move at breakneck speeds—there’s a lot of it.

  • Quality

    You should care about two very important things: details and people. You’re the one on the front lines making sure we have quality product coming in, quality product going out, and happy customers every day of the week.

  • Operations

    On the operations side of our business, you’ll work to ensure the steel we receive and sell is where it’s supposed to be, when it’s supposed to be there. You should have an affinity for logistics and a desire to work in an “all-hands-on-deck” environment.

  • Processing

    The name of the game here is safety, so you’ll need to keep your ears and eyes open at all times when you’re on the job. Our processing team works on everything from our cut-to-length line and slitter to keeping our service center sparkly clean.

  • Finance

    Our finance team keeps our internal and external cash flow moving like a well-oiled machine. You should have a deep love of crunching numbers and an aptitude for identifying errors.

  • Business Systems

    As one of the most innovative areas at Majestic, our business systems team can build just about anything. Ten years ago this team didn’t exist, but today they hold an IT innovation award from InformationWeek and their resume includes 8 in-house developed apps that help to drive internal efficiency.

  • Brand

    We want to get people pumped up about steel, American industry and the revival of manufacturing through innovation and passion. You should be prepared to help us design that awareness in creative ways through a mix of life experience, marketing or simply the ability to get others excited.

  • Business Strategy

    Responsible for market research, forecasting and analytics, our business strategy team is another innovative area that’s new to Majestic. By digging deep into big data, they’re optimizing workflows around the company and have the solid results to prove it.

  • Legal

    By now you may have noticed we’re not your typical steel company. In turn, this isn’t your typical legal department. You would oversee a range of projects, from purchasing to technology to brand. You need to be a legal chameleon who’s whip-smart, versatile and highly focused on the details.

  • Human Resources

    Our HR team is adept at welcoming new associates and keeping our existing ones happy, whether they’re explaining health insurance clauses or organizing summer barbeques. You should love people and be excited about supporting a fast-growing organization.

  • Hospitality

    As the first contact that many visitors have with Majestic, you should have a bubbly disposition and a near constant smile. Along with helping visitors feel at home, you’ll also play a role in general office upkeep and maintenance.