When the volunteer coordinator tells you to dress in long sleeves and long pants, you do it. No questions asked. Well we should’ve asked questions because Tuesday was a hot one!

Majestic Steel USA associates group photo while volunteering with the Cleveland Metroparks.
Majestic Steel USA’s associates after finishing a job well done!

Fifteen of our associates hiked around Chagrin Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks system, and painted fences throughout the park. The original plan was to clear trails, which would have fit the wearing long clothes request. Weather issues caused a last minute change of plans.

Everyone who volunteered was happy to spend the day outside on the new task though. We just had to shed a few layers first. Once everyone put on some sunscreen, shades and hats it was off to work with nothing but big smiles.

Majestic Steel associate smiling as she volunteers with Cleveland Metroparks.
Majestic Steel USA associate, Amitha Roa, painting fences at the Cleveland Metroparks.

Cleveland Metroparks has eighteen reservations to explore for guests who visit. There’s so much to do from hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing and more. The Chagrin Reservation alone is just over 1,600 acres with 15 miles worth of trails to hike.

Majestic Steel volunteers painting fences at the Cleveland Metroparks.
Majestic Steel associates, Kate Shanahan and Scott Peskowitz, working together to make the Cleveland Metroparks look its best.

We didn’t hike all 15 miles of trails but after spending the day it the sun it almost felt like we did. Next week our associates will be volunteer with Rescue Village and Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland.

If you’re following along we’ve had 25 volunteers between two days! Next week our associates have three days to choose from. How many more volunteers do you think will participate?