The story of steel stretches all the way back to our country’s infancy, back when men like Andrew Carnegie looked out across the untamed landscape and decided they could build something great.

Railroad tracks were stretched across prairies and roads bored through mountains, carving unforgiving terrain into a proud and prosperous nation.

But somewhere along the way, that sense of wonder and strength began to fade. We began to take the power of steel for granted. Somehow, we lost sight of the sweat, grit and determination that built this nation and inspired the world.

1835-1919Andrew Carnegie

led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry.

1870Brooklyn Bridge

was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed.

1930Chrysler Building

is still the tallest brick building in the world, but internally it’s held up by a steel skeleton.

1844Marquette Range

is home to a key element of the steel industry—abundant deposits of exceedingly rich iron ore.

That’s Where Majestic Steel Comes In.

When we opened up shop in 1979, our mission was to move metal. Over three decades later, we’re proud to say that we’ve redefined what it means to sell steel in America. From our spotless 330,000-square-foot warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio to our various locations and processors around the country, right down to our 250 associates—many of whom have been here since day one.

Our industry was built on the shoulders of titans. It’s that history that motivates us to protect the great legacy of steel and inspires us each day to continue our tireless work in building towards a future our forefathers would be proud of.

And We’re Just Getting Started

Our Vision