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The solutions to our country’s biggest challenges will be forged with American steel. At Majestic Steel, we are investing in the technology, talent, and infrastructure to modernize the steel industry beyond its industrial-era past and create a sustainable, solutions-focused future that’s responsive to America’s greatest needs.

Today, Majestic continues to disrupt conventional steel buying, providing strategic, responsive solutions for our partners through any market condition. Just like in 1979 we continue to look for ways to take the stress out of steel buying.

Our purpose is simple, to help you keep building.




At Majestic Steel we…


Are reinventing the system. 

Steel built this country, and steel will rebuild it. We are ensuring this future by modernizing steel production systems, disrupting conventional buying, and providing transparent, supply-chain optimized solutions for our partners through every market condition. 


Welcome the biggest challenges. 

Our culture is built on finding new ways to solve the tough, meaningful challenges of our time with steel. Through our tech-optimized systems and unrivaled inventory, Majestic Steel is America’s domestic supply chain provider for rolled steel. We are ready today to tackle America’s housing, infrastructure, job, and sustainability challenges now and into the future. 


Know people are the strongest part of steel. 

The steel industry is only as strong as the women and men on the factory floor. That’s why we’re elevating workers, communities, and technologies together, and growing our business in regions across the US where we can do the most good. 

At Majestic Steel we are leaders in providing solutions for the biggest challenges facing America’s greatest industries.