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The Rising Importance of Zinc

The need for Zinc and corrosion resistant steel is greater than ever before. We break down Zinc’s recent rapid price movement and why we think demand will continue to grow.

Special Report

Input prices are skyrocketing and an already fragile supply chain is at risk. We break down the effect the Russia & Ukraine conflict will have on the steel market.

Keep Building Podcast Episode 9

2021: A Historic Year in Review

We look back at a historic year, its biggest headlines, and provide our predictions to help create a clearer view of 2022.

colored image of the majestic steel keep building podcast episode 7 that talks about cutting through the market noise

Cutting Through the Market Noise

We sit down for a facts first discussion that cuts through reactionary chatter and provides clarity on the changing steel market.

colored image of majestic steel keep building podcast episode 6 that talks about base price vs total cost

Base Price vs Total Cost

Freight, labor, input, and opportunity costs are all driving the steel market. We break down the true cost of delivered steel vs base metal price.

Keep Building Podcast, Translating the import impact
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