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bringing innovation to american steel.

America and Majestic are forged from steel. Railroads were laid to expand the country over the landscape while skyscrapers colonized the sky. From ballparks to back yards, our lives rest on the strength of steel.

At Majestic Steel, steel is not only our foundation, it pushes us forward allowing us to innovate and seek new frontiers. Our warehouses are filled with opportunities for us and our partners. Our talent and innovation provides opportunity to keep building, fortifying, and creating a stronger tomorrow.

Large steel structure, windows, steel buildings
MICS digital inventory control system

Inventory simplified


Let your warehouse do the talking with real-time visibility to your floor stock levels and A.I. tools that enable auto-restocking of the material you need.

The Auto-Restock mobile user interface makes it easy to make adjustments to your inventory. Whether you are receiving new inventory or making adjustments to your existing inventory, simply scan the barcode and make the necessary adjustment.

Use the mobile app to scan new inventory. As you receive it in your warehouse the app will automatically reconcile your stock levels, so your team stays up to date.

All Majestic customers are eligible for MICS.

Unravel steel calculator

making inventory calculations easy

simplifying the steel equation

Whether galvanized, aluminized, pre-painted or cold rolled material, use this app for quick and simple weight, cost and yield calculations. Unravel complex steel calculations with this essential iPad and iPhone application for flat-rolled steel buyers, for free.

View unravel

Desktop version of MHub, customer portal

MHUB Customer portal

one centralized portal for all your key data

Quickly review order status, purchase history and payment info. Manage contracts. Access purchase orders, invoices, packing lists and certifications. Utilize the toolbox for one-click access to the Core Report and our award-winning steel calculator, Unravel.

Your info on your time, making steel buying easy.