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Buying Solutions
Rows of packaged red, white and blue sheets of prime steel

National Steel Supplier and Service Center

We are only as successful as our partners. For us that means providing you with reliability even in times of volatility. We regularly carry over 200 million pounds of steel in various types, gauges, and coatings at a time.

Our stock inventory makes us a reliable contract partner and a top player in the spot market. With 16 locations, you can always count on Majestic to deliver.


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Packaged prime galvannealed, galvanized, cold rolled slit steel stacked in columns

buying options

However you prefer to buy steel, we work with every partner to make the process as straightforward as possible. Our most common buying options are:

  • Spot

    Order the quantity you need with no commitment for future purchases and let our just in time delivery take care of the rest.

  • Contract / Blanket

    Utilize the flexibility of contract buying to release material in the quantity and frequency that fits your steel needs.

  • Trade

    We leverage our supplier relationships and coordinate delivery of material to your specified location.

Slitter processing prime steel, slit coil

processing power

Need slitting, shearing, cutting-to-length or blanking? Majestic can help. Our state-of-the-art processing equipment means your order will be completed on time and to your exact specifications. Majestic processes material as close to the minimum of the gauge as possible, giving you more feet per coil and increasing production yield. Our diverse processing capabilities can fill stock and custom orders. Instead of ordering from multiple locations because of various processing needs, Majestic can handle all of your processing in a single order.

Step 1

cut to length

This is simply taking a coil of steel and cutting it into individual sheets to a particular length that the customer has requested. This is typically done from a standard mill coil width and will maintain a “mill edge” even after processing.


Slitting is reducing the width of a standard mill width coil. Coils are placed on the line and unrolled, knives divide the width, and then it is rewound back into a coil. Our order production team provides the best setup to minimize scrap, as multiple slit cuts and customer jobs can be combined to maximize the width of the coil. If a customer requests a width of 29.75”, instead of taking that out of a 36” coil, we instead slit a 60” coil, creating two 29.75” coils (equaling 59.5” total), thus utilizing almost all of the coil.


A blanking line takes coils, removes the mill edge on both sides, runs through a slitter head to alter width, and then cuts it into sheets, called blanks. A highly value-adding service, the resulting sheet no longer contains a mill edge, and is now a clean, slit edge sheet. Our blanking line is actually a multi-blanking line, which means the multiple slitter heads can be adjusted to different widths, then cut to a uniform length.


Spinning reduces the weight of a standard width coil, or alters the ID (inner diameter) of a coil (from 24” to 20” or vice versa). For example, there is a 20,000 lb. coil in stock, but the customer can only handle or unload a 5,000 lb. max coil. 5,000 lbs. would be unrolled from the larger coil and broken off. Spin downs and ID alterations can be done in one process.


The shear is performed for sheet quantity or dimension requests too small for our lines. For instance, to process a 12” x 14” sheet request, we would individually shear these, as our cut lines will not hold a 12” slit coil. Generally, sheet requests under 24” utilize the shear, or orders requiring tighter tolerances than our machines can hold.


The process of cutting steel into sheets and adding indentations; typically used for HVAC applications. A bead is a long, drawn-out impression, which is impressed to increase stiffness in metal sheets or plates. Depending on the workpiece size and material thickness, the ratio of length, width and imprint depth must be adjusted to obtain the maximum strengthening effect. 


Stamping process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in sheet metal. This process can be made by means of matched male and female roller dies, or by passing sheet or a strip of metal between rolls of the desired pattern. Characteristics of the metal embossing process include: its ability to form ductile metals, its use in medium to high production runs, the ability to maintain the same metal thickness before and after embossing, the ability to produce unlimited patterns, depending on the roll dies, and the ability to reproduce product with no variation.

bringing innovation to american steel.

America and Majestic are forged from steel. Railroads were laid to expand the country over the landscape while skyscrapers colonized the sky. From ballparks to back yards, our lives rest on the strength of steel.

At Majestic Steel, steel is not only our foundation, it pushes us forward allowing us to innovate and seek new frontiers. Our warehouses are filled with opportunities for us and our partners. Our talent and innovation provides opportunity to keep building, fortifying, and creating a stronger tomorrow.

Large steel structure, windows, steel buildings
MICS digital inventory control system

Inventory simplified


Let your warehouse do the talking with real-time visibility to your floor stock levels and A.I. tools that enable auto-restocking of the material you need.

The Auto-Restock mobile user interface makes it easy to make adjustments to your inventory. Whether you are receiving new inventory or making adjustments to your existing inventory, simply scan the barcode and make the necessary adjustment.

Use the mobile app to scan new inventory. As you receive it in your warehouse the app will automatically reconcile your stock levels, so your team stays up to date.

All Majestic customers are eligible for MICS.

Unravel steel calculator

making inventory calculations easy

simplifying the steel equation

Whether galvanized, aluminized, pre-painted or cold rolled material, use this app for quick and simple weight, cost and yield calculations. Unravel complex steel calculations with this essential iPad and iPhone application for flat-rolled steel buyers, for free.

View unravel

Desktop version of MHub, customer portal

MHUB Customer portal

one centralized portal for all your key data

Quickly review order status, purchase history and payment info. Manage contracts. Access purchase orders, invoices, packing lists and certifications. Utilize the toolbox for one-click access to the Core Report and our award-winning steel calculator, Unravel.

Your info on your time, making steel buying easy.


Advisers use market research to help assess customers' needs

Market information at a glance

Getting the right information at the right time is more important than ever. With the market more volatile than ever we take it upon ourselves to provide our partners with information to make their buying decisions easier.

needs based assessments 

Every partner has different needs. We work alongside them to understand exactly what they’re looking for and when they need it.

CORE Report use in forecasting steel market

forecasting to make buying easier and smarter

Unlike other opinion-driven reports, the fact-based nature of the CORE Report is an effective means of cutting through the noise to determine what is really happening in the market. This objective approach does not lead the reader to the author’s desired conclusion; rather it provides the information to help the reader make more educated purchasing and selling decisions.