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  • Commercial Steel Type B (CS-B)
  • Deep Drawing Steel (DDS)
  • Forming Steel (FS)
  • Structural Grades 33-80 (SS)


  • 36-Inch
  • 48-Inch
  • 5.394-Inch Slit Coil
  • 5.5-Inch Slit Coil
  • 5.625-Inch Slit Coil
  • 60-Inch


  • 48x120 Inches
  • 48x96 Inches
  • 60x120 Inches

Gauges (Decimals)

  • 0.0187-Inch Min (26 Gauge) – 0.1292-Inch Min (10 Gauge)

Coating Weights

  • A40
  • A60

Superior weldability, paintability, suitable for simple bends, corrosion resistant to the undercutting of rust. Truck bodies, electrical boxes, bridge applications

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Our customers call us because they know we’ve got them covered when it comes to slitting, shearing, cutting-to-length or blanking.

Our state-of-the-art processing equipment means your order will be completed on time and to your exact specifications. Majestic processes material as close to the minimum of the gauge as possible, giving you more feet per coil and increasing production yield.

Our diverse processing capabilities can fill stock and custom orders. Instead of ordering from multiple locations because of multiple processing needs, Majestic Steel can handle everything.


be confident in your purchase

Our unique position as both a speculative buyer and steel provider gives us a clear view of the total market. We help our customers make sure they’re buying the right steel for their needs while timing the market correctly.

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Buying Options

customize your buying to align your needs

However you prefer to buy steel, we work with every partner to make the process as straightforward as possible. Our most common buying options are:

  • Spot

    Order the quantity you need with no commitment for future purchases and let our just in time delivery take care of the rest.

  • Contract / Blanket

    Utilize the flexibility of contract buying to release material in the quantity and frequency that fits your steel needs.

  • Trade

    We leverage our supplier relationships and coordinate delivery of material to your specified location.

Our Reach

We have North America covered.

We source from every domestic US Steel Mill, fair trade foreign producers and only the producers that meet the highest quality standards in the world. And we ship across all of the lower 48 and into CA and MX.


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