Market Watch | March 21, 2022


MArket Fragility: Import & Domestic Supply Tightens



  • Import prices are on the rise as availability becomes constrained.
  • Without supply from Russia and Ukraine, Europe needs to look elsewhere for steel.
  • U.S. and European manufacturers will begin competing with each other for steel imports as supply redistributes.



  • Cleveland Cliffs idled a blast furnace at Indian Harbor, restricting supply, even though steel demand is increasing.
  • Domestic suppliers have announced flat rolled increases by a minimum of $275/t.


InPut Costs

  • Rising input prices (scrap, iron ore, zinc, coking coal) are driving spot prices higher.





  • Recent fuel price increases have yet to appear in freight costs. Typically, there is a lag time of several weeks for freight prices to adjust to changes in fuel costs. These adjustments have not occurred.
  • Oil prices have recently softened on the hopes that Gulf countries could boost production and COVID lockdowns across China will reduce global demand; however, oil remains at a historical high. Oil is trading at +43% a barrel compared to March 2021.




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