Market Watch | May 24, 2022


Volatility is the new normal

In the last few months we’ve experienced major fluctuations in input costs and availability due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, skyrocketing energy prices in Europe, and suppressed production in China due to their zero COVID policy. Domestically, we’ve faced rapid inflation, large interest rate hikes, and record high gas and diesel prices. After more than 2 years of market swings, volatility has become the new normal.

Here’s a look at recent volatility within key input costs:


Coking Coal

Prices increased this week after dropping, this is the third consecutive $30 swing.








Declined 20% just in the last month, but still remains at elevated levels.








Remains near decade highs, while the average gasoline price set a new all-time high.








Iron Ore

Pricing increased this week after dropping the previous 6 weeks.



With volatility becoming the new normal, it’s important to not over react with market swings. Working with the right partner can help manage the volatility, protecting your business so you can keep building.




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