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National Steel Supplier and Service Center

We are only as successful as our partners. For us that means providing you with reliability even in times of volatility. We regularly carry inventory in various types, gauges, and coatings at a time in our service centers.

Our stock inventory makes us a reliable contract partner and a top player in the spot market. With 16 locations, you can always count on Majestic to deliver.

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Rows of packaged red, white and blue sheets of prime steel

buying options

However you prefer to buy steel, we work with every partner to make the process as straightforward as possible. Our most common buying options are:

    • Spot

      Order the quantity you need with no commitment for future purchases and let our just in time delivery take care of the rest.

    • Contract / Blanket

      Utilize the flexibility of contract buying to release material in the quantity and frequency that fits your steel needs.

    • Trade

      We leverage our supplier relationships and coordinate delivery of material to your specified location.


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Majestic steel inventory

processing power

Need slitting, shearing, cutting-to-length or blanking? Majestic can help. Our state-of-the-art processing equipment means your order will be completed on time and to your exact specifications. Majestic processes material as close to the minimum of the gauge as possible, giving you more feet per coil and increasing production yield. Our diverse processing capabilities can fill stock and custom orders. Instead of ordering from multiple locations because of various processing needs, Majestic can handle all of your processing in a single order.

Majestic steel inventory