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federal fund rate compared to service center inventory

Are carrying costs reshaping the service center market?

With uncertainty looming around future demand and steel pricing, and we navigate yet another quarter full of unique challenges, many of us are asking the same question. What role will elevated interest rates play in the demand outlook? But, have we paused long enough to ask ourselves that question in reverse? How will a prolonged high-interest rate environment impact our supply chains? I’d argue it’s being overlooked.

An Unprecedented Supply & Demand Imbalance

Almost every industry is feeling the effects of raw material supply constraints. Click the article to find out why housing, automotive, and even computer companies are experiencing a tight squeeze on materials.

colored image of a video call with majestic steel ceo Todd Leebow and associates that represent market report

Market Report I March 10th 2021

CEO Todd Leebow, Market Analysts Chris Billman and Scott Peskowitz and special guest Alex Ulanov from McKinsey & Co. addressed the state of the steel market and what to expect in the coming months.