What is the Dodge Momentum Index?




What is the Dodge momentum Index?

The Dodge Momentum Index is a 12-month leading indicator of non-residential construction spending; focused specifically on patterns in the commercial and institutional segments. The Dodge Momentum Index uses first issued planning or prior to start information as a leading indicator of future construction spending. This is different from other indices in the market. It is used to determine future construction spending and demand for construction products and services, making it a useful tool for manufacturers, construction professionals, and economists.


Why is the Dodge Momentum Index valuable?

The Dodge Momentum Index has a variety of benefits depending on where you fall within the market. Those in the construction industry can use this index to plan for the coming year based on its reports for demand of construction products and services. It is additionally, a strong gauge of the health of the economy and the construction sector. Providing information on which direction both may be heading towards.


What should you do?

Understanding the Dodge Momentum Index can be a useful tool for gauging the health of the economy and non-residential construction sector. When examining the Dodge Momentum Index look at it holistically, the true value of the index is that it tracks trends over time. Majestic’s CORE Report follows Dodge Momentum Index; along with other indicators every week to see where the market stands.